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Authenticity & Service

Do Kirk Kara pieces come with warranty?

Our jewelry is for life, so is our assistance. That is why we offer a limited warranty. We are here to assist you in any way to make sure your Kirk Kara jewelry has the finest possible care. In order to maintain your limited warranty, just visit your authorized retailer with your ring and authenticity card and ask them to send the ring to Kirk Kara for all service needs.

What is an authenticity card?

The Authenticity card is your very own proof of ownership. It is your record that Kirk Kara certifies the authenticity of your original handcrafted design and confirms that every mesmerizing detail has been meticulously inspected by our Master Craftsmen before being engraved with the Kirk Kara name. You can keep your Kirk Kara piece forever captivating by registering it here.

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Center Stone, Diamonds, Gemstones & Precious Metal

Does a Kirk Kara engagement ring include the center diamond?

Kirk Kara rings are sold without a center stone. If you do not already have a center diamond for your engagement ring, then we recommend visiting an Authorized Kirk Kara retailer who has the best knowledge and industry expertise to help you find the perfect diamond for your Kirk Kara ring.

What metal choices do I have?

Our jewelry is available in 18K gold, yellow gold, rose gold, Platinum or a combination of metals.

What quality are the Kirk Kara diamonds and Gemstones?

We insist on using the high quality color (GH or higher) and clarity (VS2-SI1 or higher). Our breathtaking kaleidoscope of extraordinary natural diamonds and gemstones are selected for their vibrancy and radiant color. They are meticulously matched by color for each ring and each one is hand cut to perfectly fit our designs.

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Can I customize my Kirk Kara ring?

Yes, our craftsman can make your dreams come true. We will handcraft the design for your requested finger size, metal, combination of gemstones, desired center diamond shape and size. In fact most requests can be accommodated, just ask. Our authorized retail partners will work with you every step of the process to create your perfect, custom ring. We only ask that you give us time. An original work of art is something that can never be rushed.

How do I determine the ring size?

The best way to determine the accurate ring size is to visit one of our skilled Authorized retail partners who will measure your finger.

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Design & Serial No.

Are all Kirk Kara design on the website?

Most Kirk Kara designs are on the website, however some custom creations or older designs may not be listed. If there is a specific design you are trying to locate, you may contact us and our customer care team will help you.

How can I find the perfectly matching wedding band for my engagement ring?

There are several options available to help you find your engagement ring's perfectly matching band. The quickest way is to use the search bar at the top right of this site. Type in your engagement ring design number or collection name. After clicking on your engagement ring's detail page link, locate the link 'view matching band details. This link is positioned under the design description. This link will direct you to your engagement ring's perfectly matching band. You may also email us directly or contact your Authorized Kirk Kara Retailer.

What is a serial number and how can I find it?

Every Kirk Kara ring bears a serial number that uniquely identifies it. You can find the serial number of your Kirk Kara piece on your authenticity card.

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How can I be sure that I purchased an authentic Kirk Kara piece?

The best way to guarantee that you are purchasing an authentic Kirk Kara piece is to only purchase from an Authorized Kirk Kara Retail Partner. To find one in your area please visit our Where to buy page. The next step is to ensure that your authorized retailer provides you with your creation's Certificate of Authenticity. This card is your absolute proof of purchase. We recommend that you register your pieces here with us.

How can I purchase a Kirk Kara creation?

Kirk Kara is sold exclusively through our Authorized Retail Partners. To find one in your area, please visit where to buy.

How can you be part of the ring selection and still be surprised?

Nothing is more thrilling than the moment the love of your life surprises you with the perfect Kirk Kara ring. Since there are so many critical decisions to make regarding every design aspect of your new ring, we recommend narrowing down the choices. Together. The ideal way is for you both to visit an authorized retailer. You can learn about various customization options and, best of all, try on a selection of Kirk Kara rings. Then he can see which ones you really love. It's a wonderful opportunity to experience our beautiful variety of handcrafted settings and start to focus your selections. Or, together you can use our online tools to help make a list of favorites. Simply click the heart icon next to your favorite ring and they will be entered into the 'Love These!' section. The two of you can come back to this section anytime to review your favorite designs. This way the ring you're ultimately surprised with - will truly be one you adore. Please make sure to know your exact ring size before any purchases.

What is an authorized Kirk Kara retail partner?

An Authorized Kirk Kara Retail Partner is a carefully chosen, extraordinarily skilled, professional and knowledgeable fine jewelry retailer. They're the only ones we trust to carry and care for Kirk Kara jewelry as well as help you narrow down your choices. They can offer any assistance you need to fully understand all our customization options, availability and final pricing. And best of all, you can finally try on our creations in their stores.

What should I do if my Authorized retailer doesn't have my favorite Kirk Kara design in stock?

If you do not see your favorite Kirk Kara design in store, simply ask the retailer to contact Kirk Kara. We will send your desired design to your Authorized Kirk Kara Retailer to try on.

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