Our Vintage Inspired Originals

Glorious vintage masterpieces inspire and shape our design aesthetic.

What makes Kirk Kara vintage designs so captivatingly exquisite?

Our company of artisans and artists don’t merely reproduce the classics. Where’s the art in that? We reimagine them so they never feel dated. We labor over hand sketches that draw inspiration from timeless shapes and styles of the past. We meticulously hand select the ideal gem for each piece.

Then we create and craft highly detailed settings to beautifully balance the pairings of gemstones and diamonds. At Kirk Kara, our creations are timeless originals that infuse iconic design with the intricacy of vintage style.


Every Kirk Kara detail is a work of art unto itself.

Perfectly Matching Sets

For a brief period of time, your engagement ring will be worn alone. Then comes the ‘I do’s’, and it’s forever joined by your wedding ring. Shouldn’t those two glorious pieces come together in perfect harmony? We think so.

That’s why we design our rings as perfectly matched sets. The wedding ring is the mirror image of the engagement ring. They seamlessly fit together, each design complementing the other. The wedding band is always straight, not curved or notched, so it lies flush against the matching engagement ring. They fit together snugly on your finger for total comfort.

Hand Engraving and Milgrain

Guess who said, “There are no shortcuts to perfection!’. Kirk Kara, of course. And we live by his ethic. Our Master Craftsmen, who have spent their lives studying this art, do everything free form by hand. Their designs are never traced or pre set on a mold. Casting from a mold can create hundreds of identical pieces and possesses none of our fine details.

We take up to 6 hours to hand engrave one ring. At Kirk Kara, we use the most sophisticated tools with the narrowest points to create every hand engraved detail. We primarily engrave our rings in a delicate scroll and wheat hand engraving. And some rings feature custom designed engraved patterns that are unique to those pieces.

Our craftsmen also use a special engravers tool to create our refined, delicate beaded edges called Milgrain. Making these minute beads small is painstakingly hard to do. But that’s what allows the overall design to look so graceful and elegant. Clearly, perfection is something we pursue quite relentlessly.

Signature Filigree

We live in a 360 degree world – yet so many designs are created to only be viewed from the front. How one dimensional! We believe every angle should make you swoon. So our designs feature signature Kirk Kara hand carved filigree and peek a boo diamonds along each side. No wonder we get so many side-long glances of admiration.

Architecturally Breathtaking

We believe jewelry design should be visually stimulating from every angle. Much like the most striking pieces of architecture. So we delicately hand sculpt original wax molds to be as detailed as the finest architectural designs. Glorious from every angle. And of course, blissfully comfortable to wear.

Ring Gallery Backing

Couture dresses are magnificently lined in the finest materials. Much like our rings. We specially design and hand solder custom backings onto each ring. It’s the perfect finishing touch that lets our magnificent designs glide on and rest comfortably on your lovely ring finger.


Art is created by artists. Not machines.

Crafted by Hand

We don’t need to tell you that this is what makes all the difference in the world. You know that mass produced will never produce the extraordinary joy you feel when you slip a hand crafted ring onto your finger. Even the naked eye can see the beautiful difference.

Secure Stone Setting

Our center and side stones are securely set to showcase their optimal brilliance. Each diamond is set by hand under a microscope with four solid prongs for lifetime security. Because we believe every stone should be set for life.

Quality Control

Every ring goes through 10 hand inspected quality control checks to make sure it is perfect. Just one minute flaw and we start over from scratch. The final step is a control check in our quality control laboratory. If a ring can pass all this, we proudly engrave it with our Kirk Kara name.

Our Gems

Each stone is hand sorted and then hand matched for color, cut and size. We insist on high quality color (GH or higher) and clarity (VS2-SI1 or higher). Our breathtaking kaleidoscope of extraordinary natural diamonds and gemstones are selected for their vibrancy and radiant color. They are meticulously matched by color for each ring and each one is hand cut to perfectly fit our designs.

Our Metals

We use the highest quality casting process to ensure no porosity in any of our metals. Our alloys use our own metals to give us the best possible durability, longevity and material for our fine milgrain, filigree and hand engraved work.

Our 18K gold is alloyed with palladium that helps it stay white longer. Our platinum is alloyed with iridium so our rings will develop a beautiful patina over time which enhances each mesmerizing detail. Settings that have different colored rose or yellow gold accents are first cast in in its original metal then assembled by soldering each piece together. This means that your rings will stay true to its color forever. Each ring is rhodium plated in its corresponding color. And then goes through a final hand polish to ensure comfort, shine and sparkle.

Custom Ring Design

Your Vision in the Hands of Our Designer Family

Your ring is both an extension of you and a reflection of your style. It’s all about the details – and sometimes, those details are your own! Whether you want to combine collections, incorporate unusual stones, or add a personal touch to our handcrafted heirlooms, we can take your inspiration and elevate it into a true masterpiece. There’s custom, and there’s Kirk Kara custom. We handcraft the ring of your dreams with our distinctive designer touch. With us, you get a one-of-a-kind piece created by an award-winning family of designers. Whatever you can imagine, we can customize to your vision and specifications, and our Master Craftsmen can create with exquisite precision and care – all without compromising the quality or integrity of our original designs. Our trusted Authorized Retail Partners will work with you through every step of the process to create your perfect custom ring.

Step 1: Connect with an Authorized Retail Partner

We call them Partners for a reason. Get in touch with your nearest Kirk Kara retailer to bring your dream ring to life. Be sure to discuss your vision in depth – from specific design details to must-have metals and stones. Our partners are very well-versed in our brand and can help guide you toward the perfect custom creation.

Step 2: Design Phase

Our family of designers translates your vision into a beautiful, unique design that’s part Kirk Kara, and all you. Your ideas, concepts, and sketches become the foundation for a completely bespoke, professionally designed ring. We work closely with your Authorized Retail Partner to personalize your custom piece and craft it with signature Kirk Kara design elements. Our family will refine every detail until the design takes your breath away.

Step 3: Custom Design Sketch

Once the custom design is finalized on our end -- to our Forever Captivating™ specifications -- we share a detailed design sketch to help you visualize your ring as interpreted by our expert design team.

Step 4: Approval

Upon your approval of the custom sketch, our Authorized Retail Partner can provide pricing information and a timeline for delivery of your custom ring. Your Kirk Kara original will be handcrafted like all our pieces and go through 10 hand-inspected quality control checks to make sure it is perfect in every way. Please allow up to 6 weeks for the creation of your handcrafted custom ring, once design details are approved.


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